Car garage

Car garage

Diagnostics, repair of - engine and chassis

Kleistu iela 39, Imanta, Rīga - 2 88 699 88

  • Measurement and real smoke reduction for inspection;
  • Inspection and repair of the fuel system, injectors, high pressure fuel pumps, turbines and EGR;
  • Mechanical cleaning or removal of diesel particulate filters (DPF);
  • Chip tuning;
  • Electrician services;
  • Belt Replacement (Timing);
  • Change of oil - 20 eur;
  • Filter Replacement;
  • Chassis Repair;
  • Clutch replacement;
  • Air conditioner refueling;
  • Repair and manufacturing of keys with chips and their programming. Emergency opening of the car with the complete loss of keys and the manufacture of a new key at the site of failure. Departure all over Latvia around the clock.


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